Instead of a cat on a tin roof, this story features a Rottweiler on a shingled roof.  What started out as a sad story ended in glorious fashion.

Firefighters were making their rounds in Youngstown, Ohio when they spotted a Rottweiler struggling to keep its footing on a roof.  This obviously wasn’t your typical cat in a tree call.

By the time the firefighters noticed the dog, she had been up there for three days!  It’s hard to imagine the fear and confusion she experienced.

The poor dog was stuck on the roof for three days before firefighters arrived.


During the rescue mission, the owner showed up with a wacky story!


The owner said he was at a frends house for a week and didn’t know how his dog got up there.  Hmm…okay, buddy… you thought it was okay to leave a dog alone for a week?  Seems fishy!  Say no to drugs man.


In only 3 days, the rottweiler lost a ton of weight.  She was 30 lbs under normal weight!  The heroic firefighters offered her some fries to help bulk her up in a hurry.


One of the firefighters, Kyle Trimble, took a liking to her and adopted her.  The ashamed owner had no problem signing the papers.  Thankfully, she will live in a stable home with Kyle.


Kyle is glad to have her around and says she is a very lovable dog even after the incident.

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