Soldiers form tight bonds with dogs while fighting overseas.  Having a dog around can calm some soldiers and make them feel at peace in times of war.  A man can only take so much stress before he breaks.

During Sgt. Chris Duke’s tour in Afghanistan, he became friends with three stray dogs.  They brought joy into his life in a place void of happiness.  One day, the dogs did something amazing for Duke that he will never forget…

Meet Sgt. Chris Duke, he fought in Afghanistan.  During his tour, he met three stray dogs that instantly became his best friends…


On one fateful day, a suicide bomber nearly entered the barracks where Duke and 49 other soldiers were asleep.  The three stray dogs fought off the suicide bomber which forced him to set off the bomb early…


Sadly, one of the dogs passed away, however, the two other dogs were nursed back to health.  Duke knows that he owes his life to the dogs.  Wait until you see the beautiful conclusion to the story!


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