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Susannah has always kept her family as “her number one priority.”

When it came time to build a home to raise her family in, she opted for the natural beauty of the countryside, instead of the chaos of the city. Susannah and her husband Rick left enough land around their homestead so that “her kids could enjoy the awesomeness of nature.”

But she was recently horrified to discover that despite the idyllic setting, her home was not as safe as she thought.

But, you see, Susannah B. Lewis is many things: a Southern woman, a mother, a wife, a dog lover, a podcaster, a blogger, a comedian, an author, and a nature freak. So she’s got quite a few different aspects of her personality draw solutions from.

At first, writing was little more than a hobby. She wrote about her personal experiences as a mother and wife, whenever she had a few spare minutes.

“Writing combined my love for my family with how I enjoy telling stories,” she said. “Once I started posting stuff online, that’s when it really took off.”

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But she didn’t realize just how much impact her words could have.

Struggling moms were initially attracted to Susannah’s take-no-prisoners attitude and unflinching depiction of motherhood. She never denied the fact that being a mom was difficult. And she was always honest about why it was difficult. There weren’t enough parenting books in the world that could have prepared her for how tired and frustrated she’d feel once her kids started acting out.

“Pick your battles with difficult children. Or start drinking heavily. Whichever works best for you,” she hilariously quipped.

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“My son is a difficult toddler,” said Susannah. “He’s strong-willed. And sometimes, quite frankly, he’s a butt. I’ve read all of the stuff about strong-willed children, but none of them have offered any good advice.”

But Susannah came up with an idea that really soothed the savage beasts that seemed to live inside her children. By keeping the kids outdoors and encouraging them to be physical, Susannah was able to burn off some of that combative energy.

“My husband and I recently bought a beautiful piece of property out in the country. It’s going to be a great place to build our dream home and let the kids run wild and free,” she said.

But then Susannah’s big plans were dashed when some unexpected guests arrived…