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Last year, Katie Holley and her husband Jordan purchased their first home.

Like many first time homebuyers, Katie and Jordan’s house needed a little bit of work. They immediately began repairing the deck in the backyard, getting the lawn and weed situation under control, and doing a little bit of pest control.

“There was one annoying downside to all the excitement of being in our new home,” said Katie. “You see, down in Florida we have these things called palmetto bugs, but they’re really just big roaches. And unfortunately, we had more than a couple in our house.”

Anyone who has lived in a humid location is probably well-acquainted with these nasty little monsters. They tend to take shelter in homes and other dwellings during hot or wet weather, although they can show up at anytime.

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“Well, roaches kept making random appearances in our home, so I finally called a local exterminator,” said Jordan.

The gentleman that arrived at Katie and Jordan’s house was “very professional” and did a thorough assessment of their pest situation. Afterwards, he walked around and sprayed the outside of the house as well as the baseboards in every room of the interior.

“My husband and I felt good about it,” said Katie. “We decided to spend the $85 every three months for our peace of mind.”

Unfortunately, their sense of relief was short-lived.

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Last month, in the middle of the night, Katie woke up startled. She felt like someone had placed a chip of ice in her left earhole.

She shot straight up out of bed, disoriented, and stumbled into the bathroom.

“I could feel that my ear was not right,” she said. “I grabbed a cotton swab and gently inserted it into my ear to see what was up and I felt something move.”

Her husband, Jordan, was soon awake, peering inside her ear with his smartphone’s flashlight.

After what seemed like an eternity, Katie’s husband calmly announced that he could see something…