“Look, yeah, I did what they said I did,” said the teenaged girl. “And I would do it again. That stupid rabbit scratched me and it got what was coming to it.”

A 17-year-old girl has been charged with animal abuse after a Snapchat video allegedly showed her grabbing a pet rabbit by his ears and violently throwing him across the room.

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Metro Animal Care and Control began an official investigation into the incident after the video surfaced online.

Local law enforcement confirmed the girl admitted to throwing the rabbit and she said she did it because she didn’t like the animal.

Here’s more from NBC 4I:

“I made contact with her at school and she was very forthcoming,” Sue Baker with Metro Animal Care and Control said. “She told me that this happened, she pulled out her phone and showed me the original video. She indicated she didn’t like the bunny – that it scratched her… and she was annoyed and that’s why she threw it.”  

Baker continued, “She does this all the time. She’s done this before. We immediately transferred the bunny for vet care and there was medical documentation of an old previous injury. These teens abusing these animals… what happens when they become a parent and they don’t have the level of patience and compassion they should have? We need to instill that into our youth.”  

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The rabbit was placed in the care of Metro Animal Care and Control.  

Investigators said the teen’s parents could also be charged in the case.

What’s most disturbing is this isn’t an isolated incident. This is a pattern of abusive behavior that had become so commonplace, it was accepted as normal behavior. No sane or well-balanced person harms an animal to vent their frustration, that’s obvious. What is less apparent is that this girl has parents that are ostensibly overseeing her actions and helping regulate her behavior.

Where were they in this situation?

If they had ever expressed disapproval of her anger and alleged animal abuse, would she have been as quick to freely admit wrongdoing? No, probably not. She would have attempted to deflect, conceal, or misplace blame.

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How liable are the parents in this case?