“So what? It’s not like they’re people, they’re just stupid dogs,” she said. “I didn’t do anything wrong. I’d do it again.” 

A woman in Bellevue, Nebraska has been convicted of two counts of felony animal cruelty. Ashley Alberts-Roach, who has been accused of abusing her children numerous times, was finally brought to justice for locking two dogs in a hot car for hours until they died. The case has received an unprecedented amount of media coverage due to Alberts-Roach’s insistence “they’re just stupid dogs” and that “she didn’t do anything wrong.”

Here’s the story from WOWT:

A Bellevue woman is behind bars following the death of her boyfriend’s dogs.

Ashley Alberts-Roach, 36, is facing two felony charges of animal abandonment resulting in death after she allegedly left two dogs in a car for more than four hours last week. According to police, Alberts-Roach called police on Friday and told them she had just killed two dogs.

Police believe that Alberts-Roach locked the dogs inside a car around 10 a.m. Meteorologists with the WOWT 6 News weather team tracked the temperature at that time as 74 degrees. By the time police estimate the dogs were removed from the car the temperature had risen to 81 degrees.

Patrols with NHS begin to respond to calls about animals locked in cars once the temperature outside reaches 73 degrees. Studies show that an outside temperature of 75 degrees can heat up the interior of a car to 109 degrees in 30 minutes. Organ failure begins in most dogs when the temperature reaches 105 degrees.

“It’s significant organ failure, it’s not, ‘Oh, I’m hot.'” said Wiese. “It’s like stuff starts to shut down. Kidneys start to shut down, heart rates start to have problems, it’s really dangerous for a dog.”

As for Alberts-Roach, police investigators said that they have no records of calls to her home for other dog-related incidents in the past. Police have been called to check on the well-being of a child inside the home on more than one occasion.

Here’s more from WOWT:

Sentencing has been delayed for a Bellevue woman convicted of two counts felony animal cruelty for the hot car deaths of two dogs in 2016.

Ashley Alberts-Roach left two dogs in a car for more than four hours in August of 2016. According to police, Alberts-Roach called officers and told them she had just killed her boyfriend’s two dogs. Alberts-Roach told investigators she took the animals from the car and tried to revive them in the garage by pouring water on them. Investigators said it was too late, both dogs died.

Alberts-Roach was set to be sentenced on Wednesday. Her attorney filed a motion to have it delayed until April 25th. Alberts-Roach could face up to 6 years in prison.

Just based on this woman’s mugshot, it’s obvious she’s on hardcore drugs. She has sores all over her face, bags under her eyes, and she looks high. Hopefully, a spell in prison will prompt her to get the help she needs before another animal or her children suffer needlessly.

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