“She was just acting really strange, even for her,” said Jen O’Brien. “Allie is a typical boxer. She’s a clown, just happy all the time. But she wasn’t moving normally and had absolutely zero interest in her favorite things, like a treat.”

Jen O’Brien’s 2-year-old boxer Allie has finally started to come down off of a rollercoaster ride after consuming hardcore street drugs.

On Friday evening after work, O’Brien noticed something wasn’t right with her furry best friend.

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“She was being neurotic, just moving around very weird, wouldn’t eat a cookie, just very abnormal things for her,” O’Brien said.

O’Brien took a video of Allie tapping her foot and looking confused. When she sent it to her vet, the response was immediate and direct. She recommended taking Allie straight to the emergency room.

A urine analysis performed there showed the dog had somehow consumed meth, cocaine and amphetamines…

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“I was very startled,” O’Brien said. “I’ve never heard of a dog even ingesting that before. It made sense with the symptoms that she was showing, but it was pretty scary. It was very scary.”

The clinic’s medical director said stimulants cause heart failure in pets, and if Allie hadn’t been brought in, she could’ve died.

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O’Brien is frightened because her dogs don’t leave the house or yard, and she wonders if someone, somehow, left or planted the drugs on her property.

“I think it’s very strange,” O’Brien said. “I think it needs to be out there just so people are aware. I don’t want any more dogs hurt. I’m worried about having my own dogs in my own yard.”

O’Brien said she’s filing a police report and, if the case warrants it, offering a $1,000 reward for information about how Allie could have ingested the drugs.

At Pawfect, we recommend that someone always be home with a dog that is left unattended in the backyard. Even if there’s a good fence in place, the dog could be vulnerable to someone intentionally throwing a consumable into the yard. Also, while walking in your neighborhood, pay close attention to what your dog is sniffing and potentially eating on the ground.

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