“Smokey has never been really competent in the water,” said owner Laurie Becerra. “But Remus is like a fish, he would live in the pool if we let him. And he loves his brother very, very much. They’re do everything together.”

When an Arizona family discovered a tale of true heroism on their home security video, they knew it had to be shared with the world. They just didn’t think that it would go viral and subsequently make national news headlines.

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Now everyone is talking about their four-legged family members, Smokey and Remus…

Here’s the story from Fox News:

Smokey and Remus, the dog buddies, were reportedly getting “rambunctious” earlier this month at their home in Mesa, Ariz. And at some point, Smokey fell into the family pool.

The dog is seen struggling to get out while Remus was pacing along the side.

After a few unsuccessful attempts to get the dog out of the water, Remus can be seen jumping into the pool to give his buddy a nudge.

The incredible video was captured by Laurie and her husband Jay Becerra on their home security camera.

“So Remus and Smokey got a little rambunctious. Smokey can swim just not well,” Laurie wrote on social media. “Jay recorded this off our security camera when he saw Smokey all wet! 

She praised “hero” dog Remus, saying though he may be “a crazy pup, but he’s got a heart of gold.” 

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Here’s a play-by-play from the Charlotte Observer:

The video shows Smokey in the water paddling to the edge of the pool. Remus stands in front of him at the edge, anxiously looking down and darting left and right.

At one point, Remus moves a little to the left, and a struggling Smokey slowly paddles toward him.

Then suddenly, a splash, and Remus is in the water too. He swims right under Smokey and pushes him up with his body, allowing Smokey to get his front paws up over the lip of the pool and finally pull himself up out of the water.

He gives a big shake and walks away from the edge before Remus dashes back out of the pool to be next to him.

To quote Jessica Tandy from the movie “Fried Green Tomatoes;” she says, “You know what I think the secret to life is? Friends. Best friends.”

Do you agree?