When a dog’s spirit is broken, the dog can become lifeless and stop reacting to emotions.  Living on the streets without love can wear down any living creature.  It’s hard to imagine breaking a dog’s spirit.  They are always so full of love and emotion.  Sadly, this was the case for a dog named Dora.

Howl of a Dog rescuers found Dora after she had been captured and brought to the city pound.  At first, she had no life or emotion.  They claim she had forgotten how to live…

Meet Dora, she had a broken spirit after living her life on the street.  After being captured, she was brought to the city pound…


The Howl of a Dog rescue team found Dora at the pound and knew she needed some serious rehabilitation.  They wanted to do everything in their power to bring her back to life…


Her eyes were full of sadness; she looked almost lifeless, but it wasn’t enough to stop Howl of a Dog from trying to revive her.  Wait until you see her now!


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