Not many people can say they keep a rooster indoors as a pet.  Even less people can say, they don’t mind when that very same rooster crawls in their bed in the morning and screams in their faces.  There’s no way this couple is ever late to work.  This is one alarm clock no human being on earth can sleep through!

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Subramanyan and her husband, Brian, live happily with their Rooster, Mr. p-Blizzard.  They also house two children, three cats and a pug under the same roof.

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He got his name because of his epic background story.  It was a relentlessly cold day during a blizzard in Toronto when Subramanyan caught news about a stray rooster.

After questioning a police officer about the bird, they went on the hunt.  There was p-Blizzard nestled under a broken down car.

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Since the married couple aren’t professional rooster catchers, the best they could do was scare him out and use a couple of oven mitts to corral the wild bird.

After taking him home, the couple did a quick internet search to see if they could keep a rooster in their home.  They stumbled upon something called chicken diapers that allow people to keep chickens indoors.

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The couple says he treats the household like it’s his flock and is always sure everyone is in line!

They estimate p-Blizzard has at least 25 different sounds in his arsenal to communicate his commands.

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When he’s not keeping the household in order, you can find him in a deep sleep on the stairwell.

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Even the dog and cats follow the alpha-rooster’s orders!

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All newcomers must pass p-Blizzard’s test before entering.  They also need to sign some forms.

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At first, p-Blizzard was jealous of his brother the pug before they became mates.

source Mr. p-Blizzard Facebook
source Mr. p-Blizzard Facebook

The family believes p-Blizzard wants to keep them all safe after what they did for him.  After all, they did pull him out of a blizzard and give him a loving home!

See p-Blizz in action below:

It sure is hard to nap with all of that snoring. Now who's the culprit? #roostersdontsnore #mustbethepug

Posted by PBlizzard the Rooster on Wednesday, May 4, 2016