I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced a flood before, but what you need to know about floods is that it isn’t just people that are in danger, but animals as well. It would be unfair to say that owners simply forget about their animals. Rather, because owners usually have to move quickly in order to save themselves, they regrettably don’t have time to make sure their animals are safe as well.

The situation is even worse for farm animals. Because they’re so big, it can be difficult to find a space to shelter them after the flood is over. Usually they’re left to fend for themselves, and many don’t make it.

When a group of animal rescuers, saw a donkey drowning in a flooded area, however, they set out to make one of the most daring rescues ever.


Because the water level was rising so quickly, the rescuers knew that one wrong move would sweep the donkey away, which would probably result in his death. The rescuers knew that they needed help, so they posted on Facebook and tried to gather anyone that was close by.


Luckily, help arrived. The group quickly took a flotation device attached to rope and placed it around the donkey’s neck. This allowed the rescuers to gently drag the donkey over to safe land. After what seemed like hours, the rescuers had accomplished their mission — the donkey was safe.


Just look at how happy this donkey looks after being saved!

Watch the entire rescue video below:

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