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When you hear the word vandalism, funny street art probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.

But that’s about to change thanks to these creative acts of vandalism which are more hilarious than they are criminal.

Internet giants like Google have categorized street art works worldwide and a growing number of cities now boast of entire districts dedicated to street art murals.

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Artists like Banksy and Mr. Brainwash have actually made the public salivate with anticipation as we all await their next creative exploits. While often unsanctioned, street art allows the artist to bypass the confines of the formal art world where only the elite can participate.

Communicating directly with the public allows street artists to present socially relevant content while at the same time beautifying the often bleak sprawl of urban decay.

Still, many critics argue that street art is an act of vandalism, centered on the fact that most street artists don’t obtain permission from property owners before scrawling their work onto walls.

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While we’d never condone vandalism, most of the photos on this list fall into a grey area where they’re honestly just too funny to be mindless acts of destruction.

Here are our top ten random acts of vandalism that are actually pure genius…