“Man, I just love dogs,” said Nicky Lopez. “That’s the secret to a happy and healthy life. You’ve gotta have at least one dog, really more is better if you can manage it.”

Shortstop Nicky Lopez had quite a game on Wednesday for Northwest Arkansas in an 8-6 win at Tulsa.

“I’m not gonna lie,” said Lopez. “It was an all around good night. The fans were in a great mood and we were feeling it on the field.”

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Lopez went 4 for 4, drew a walk, scored twice, knocked in a run and helped capture a runaway dog on the field.

Here’s more from The Kansas City Star:

It was Bark at the Park night for the Drillers, and a few fans brought their pooches down on the field while the Naturals, the Royals’ Class AA affiliate, were warming up in the bottom of an inning. That’s when a German shepherd noticed the Northwest Arkansas infielders were playing with a ball.

The dog broke free from its owner and tried to get the ball, because, you know, it’s a ball.

That was quick thinking by Lopez to throw the ball toward the foul line. 

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A reporter with the local ABC affiliate asked Lopez after the game if he had a dog himself.

“I’ve got a pack at my house,” replied Lopez. “A Golden Retriever mix, a couple of wiener dogs, my ancient German Shepherd Sadie, and my girlfriend’s chihuahua Maximus. We’re pretty happy with all our canines around.”

The reporter finished up the impromptu interview with one final question. He asked how Lopez knew what to do to get the dog to come to him.

“Well, most dogs love balls and so I took a chance,” he said. “Turns out I was right.”

Lopez, who was rated as the Royals’ No. 6 prospect by MLB.com, is having a great season. He’s batting .332 with 31 walks and 21 strikeouts in 64 games.

“I’m just really happy to be here. It’s a great opportunity. I’m trying to pick the brain of the guys who are here, because that’s what I’m striving to do, get to the big leagues as soon as I can,” Lopez told The Kansas City Star. “It’s a great opportunity and you know, I just want to try my best and have fun with it and just take everything in because this is — not many people get to experience what I’m experiencing.”

Does your best friend have four legs and a whole lot of fur?