Interspecies duos are an animal lover’s favorite.  We all love to see animals from different walks of life getting along.  In this video, a pygmy goat wants to make friends with a litter of puppies.  The goat has trouble making friends with the puppies because they don’t play the same way.

Featured here is the adorable pygmy goat named Pipsqueak and her new best friend, Snowflake the puppy.  Pipsqueak was a little too aggressive for the dogs and had trouble making friends with them…

Meet Pipsqueak the pygmy goat, she’s on a mission to become friends with this litter of puppies.  When Pipsqueak tried to play with the puppies, they became turned off…


The puppies didn’t like the way Pipsqueak headbutted them when she wanted to play.  The goat quickly became an outcast…


That’s when Snowflake the puppy decided to become Pipsqueak’s ambassador.  Snowflake showed Pipsqueak how to have fun with the dogs.  Watch the adorable full video next!


Watch the full video below!

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