“He came in carrying this large cardboard box,” Sergeant Kyle Rybaski said. “When we looked inside, we saw it was a tiny brown puppy. Or that’s what we thought it was at the time.”

This week, a Good Samaritan walked into the Bartlett Police Department in Illinois with a box containing what he believed was a lost puppy.

“He said he was driving by and saw the dog on the side of the road all alone,” Rybaski said. “He picked it up and brought it in so we would take it to an animal shelter.”

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But once they starting really looking at the bashful pup, they soon discovered that there was something a little different about the creature.

Upon closer inspection, Rybaski and his colleagues began to suspect that this wasn’t a dog at all… This was a case of mistaken identity!

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The rescued animal seemed very similar to a dog, though she was subtly unlike any puppy they’d run across before.

“We soon realized that it wasn’t the average puppy. When I picked her up, her fur had a different feel to it. It was wiry,” Rybaski said. “Her paws were a bit bigger than the average dog, too. Her sharp nails also drew our attention.”

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Rybaski began to wonder just who this little creature was.