Growing up can be tough and confusing. One minute you’re a child and the next, mom is giving you a good ol’ push toward being independent. Mothers mean well and they want you, their child, to succeed. So what happens when one mother gives her baby pup a push? His reaction couldn’t be more hilariously cute.

A Little Pug Throws A Fit When Mom Gives It A Push
A mamma bulldog and her baby pup, Elvis, butt heads. Elvis is an only child born with a cleft lip and a sneer that never disappeared. It was why the owners named him Elvis. His owners said that Elvis doesn’t like being sent from the room, time outs, or being pushed in the right direction. He’s stubborn and hardheaded just like his mother. So, when she gives him a shove, this is what happens.

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It’s A Mother’s Job To Guide Her Babies
It’s every mother’s job to push her child in the right direction. Mother’s teach their children the independence needed and the skills necessary to navigate the world. Elvis’s mother is no exception and it’s clear she wants him to assert himself. She wants him to be as independent as possible and Elvis’s reactions are adorable, if not a little expected.

Puppies Can React Like Toddlers To New Situations
There’s a saying that puppies and toddlers actually share many things in common. When a toddler doesn’t want to do something, they might stomp their feet or shout. A puppy will do a four-legged stomp and bark. A puppy will growl and whine when things aren’t going their way, just like toddlers do. And just like toddlers, puppies can go through the “terrible twos” and throw tantrums. The difference is that with puppies, it’s cuter!

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The Puppy Responded By Throwing A Fit
So when Elvis’s mother gave him a push in the right direction, he wasn’t having that. He barked, stomped, whined, and threw a fit. He dug his heels in and threw his head back, stubborn and independent. It would be a reason to give him a time-out if it wasn’t so darned cute and the owners were more than entertained.

Puppy’s Owner Thought His Fit Was Hilarious
On YouTube, his owners said, “We were blessed to have him.” His new family was thrilled to get him. What he lacked in physical perfection, he made up for in personality, as you can see. They can be heard laughing as Elvis rebels against his mother in a temper tantrum and Elvis is loving it all, encouraged by the support of his family.

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Puppy’s Fit Caught on Video. Isn’t It Cute?
This fierce little puppy gives his mother a piece of his mind when she nudges him. Bringing himself up into a lopsided stance, he tells off his mother for pushing him and it’s the cutest thing we’ve ever seen.