Cats aren’t always friendly to dogs, actually more times than not cats aren’t very friendly.  Usually, when a dog tries to play with a cat, the cat will give the dog a big whack on the nose.  Dogs learn quickly that it’s not fun to play with the cat.

The dogs in the following video live with cats who aren’t very kind.  They’ve been trained to know to stay away from the cat at all costs…

The following video features a hilarious compilation of dogs who are too afraid to walk past cats.  You’ll crack up when you see these dogs in action…


When this dog saw the cat on the stairs, he knew it was a terrible time to pass.  Instead, he opted to make a U-turn and chill downstairs…


This dog is by far the funniest.  He paces back and forth hoping the cat will move.  Check out the full video next!


Watch the full video below!

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