This story is a truly unique one.  Java the Boxer fell on hard times when her family moved away and left her for dead in the backyard.  The real kicker is Java was pregnant.  How could people do something so cruel to a pregnant animal?

Java knew she needed to find help before giving birth.  After all, she was highly domesticated and had no one to take care of her.  That’s when Karen from found her…

Meet Java, she was abandoned by her family while pregnant.  They left Java in the backyard to fend for herself after moving away…


The domesticated Java knew it would be a difficult situation to give birth to the puppies without a human’s help.  Luckily, a woman named Karen from found the abandoned dog.  She brought her over to Nob Hill Animal Clinic during after hours…


That night, Java felt comfortable enough to give birth to her first puppy!  Watch the full video next to see the happy ending!


Watch the full video below!

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