If there is any doubt in your mind that dogs can love, the video below will prove they can.  Just like we can love our siblings, dogs can love theirs as well.  They may not think the same us, but dogs have the same animal instincts and feelings.

A brother and sister ran into a predicament on the train tracks.  The sister became trapped in the tracks unable to move.  Her brother panicked, but he couldn’t get her freed.  All he could do was keep her warm, feed her, and protect her…

A brother and sister dog were roaming in the wild when the sister dog became trapped on the train tracks.  The brother dog wasn’t able to free her, but he could take care of her…


For two days, he brought her food, kept her warm, and protected her.  When the train passed over, they were smart enough to duck for cover…


The person who filmed them was unable to approach them because the male dog would go into attack mode.  Instead, he filmed the bond between the brother and sister.  Eventually, enough people came to help them out.  Watch the exciting full video next!


Watch the full video below!

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