Some animal rescues stories are incredibly sad.  This is one of them.  The dog featured in this video became abandoned after her owner was murdered.  She was left on her own to fend for herself with a chain tightly wrapped around her paw.

In order to survive, she had to chew her own paw off.  For five years, she lived underneath a deck on her own.  The neighbors tossed her food and gave her some hay to lay down on.  That’s all she had for five years…

Meet Treya, she lived in horrible conditions for five years after her owner was murdered.  Once she was left to fend for herself, she had to do the unthinkable to survive…


There was a chain tightly wrapped around her foot.  She knew she wouldn’t survive without food or water which forced her to chew off her own paw to break free from the chain…


When rescuers found her, she was in really rough shape.  However, there was still some hope left in Treya.  She’s a whole different dog now!


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