One of the things animal lovers despise the most is a puppy mill.  It’s disgusting to think that people use dogs just to make an extra buck while sacrificing any quality of life for the animals.  Dogs at puppy mills are often kept in horrid conditions and caged up full time.

The dog featured in this video named B.B. had probably never felt what it was like for the sun’s rays to touch her innocent face before rescuers found her.  When they did find her, they could tell she was bred over and over…

When rescuers busted this puppy mill, they found one dog in particular that really broke their hearts.  The poor girl named B.B. was kept in a dark basement all of her life…


When they inspected B.B., they could tell she was bred over and over.  The people running the mill used her purely to line their own pockets…


Her eyes were so sensitive to light, she couldn’t open them without squinting.  Watch the full rescue next!


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