Police and firemen receive calls every day about animals stuck in a pickle.  There’s the famous cliche that all firemen do is save cats out of trees.  In this case, the police received a strange call about a cat up in a tree.

One day, police in Newport, Oregon received a weird call.  They were notified about a cat up in a tree holding a firearm.  When they first heard the story, they didn’t think it was possible or it was some kind of prank.  Little did they know, the caller wasn’t lying…

Police in Newport, Oregon recently received a call about a cat perched in a tree holding a semi-automatic weapon!


When they first heard the story, they thought it must have been a prank, but they were obliged to follow through on the call.  When they arrived and looked up into the tree, they were shocked!


They were in disbelief when they saw the cat holding what looked to be a semi-automatic weapon!  Check out the full video next to see the exciting conclusion!


Watch the full video below!

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