“He’s been doing this for years. We’ve all known around town what goes on up there,” local resident Donna Wilson said. “You’d take your dog in for something routine, and then he’d wind up dead. This guy’s sick. We’re glad he’s in jail.”

It’s our pleasure to report that a quack veterinarian in Indiana is behind bars tonight. From local reports, Dr. James Wilson has a long history of strange animal deaths at this veterinary practice. Multiple complaints have been filed over the last several years alleging all kinds of improper conduct.

Here’s the real deal from Fox 59:

The Indiana Attorney General’s Office has filed a complaint against a Knightstown veterinarian who was previously accused of prescribing drugs meant for animals to people.

According to the complaint, 64-year-old James Wilson failed to humanely euthanize two cats in front of their owners over the past two years.

In one case, Wilson is accused of taping a 15-year-old cat’s front paws together with masking tape and using twine to tie her back legs to an examination table while trying to find a vein.

This was despite the owner saying, “Please don’t do that to her. Please don’t treat her like that,” the complaint says.

When the owner asked why the cat had to be taped and stretched over the table, Wilson reportedly responded by saying that if the cat bit him, he would have to cut its head off and send it to a laboratory, according to the complaint.

In a second case, the vet is accused of sticking a needle in the back legs of an 8-year-old cat about 15 times over approximately 10 minutes. The complaint says the cat began screaming and bit its owner’s nose, sending his blood all over the examination table.

According to the complaint, the owner said “Look just stop. I’ll take him home. I’ll put a bullet in his head. It would be a much kinder way for him to go.” Wilson then reportedly continued to stick the cat with the needle and eventually performed an intracardiac injection with no anesthesia or sedation and euthanized the cat.

Wilson denied the allegations when speaking with the Muncie Star Press, saying the attorney general’s office seems to have it in for him. He added that he did what he had to do to protect himself while euthanizing the cats.

It looks like karma for this quack is going to be a “dish served cold.” You can get away with hurting God’s creatures for only so long. We hope he rots in prison for all his crimes.

What do you think? Is life in prison too much?