We feel here at Animal Lovers that there should be a national registry of animal abusers to prevent them from owning pets and farm animals. That’s why we are circulating a petition started by Megan Mary to petition the President of the United States to issue an executive order establishing such a registry. If you also believe that would be a good idea, please follow the link at the bottom of the article to sign.

Some jurisdictions already have animal abuser registries. Check it out, per Washington Post:

Starting in November, convicted animal abusers in the county that includes Tampa will be easier to identify. Their names, photos and addresses will be published on a county-run website that is publicly searchable and similar to the online sex offender registries that have proliferated since the 1990s.

The animal abuser registry, passed last week by commissioners in Hillsborough County, is aimed at preventing people who have harmed animals from doing so again. Retailers and shelters will be required to have prospective pet adopters or purchasers sign an affidavit saying they’re not on the registry. Regular people seeking pet-sitters or new homes for their animals will be able to vet candidates. Law enforcement officials will, at least in theory, be able to keep tabs on offenders’ whereabouts.

Check out the proposed guidelines from Animal Law:

This Act recognizes that it is paramount to the safety and well-being of the community to deal seriously with crimes against animals and separate animal abusers from potential victims. The link between violence against animals and violence against human beings is well documented.

A person convicted of a violation of the state’s Felony animal cruelty laws must, in addition to any other penalty imposed by law, undergo mandatory psychiatric counseling and anger management training. A person convicted for a first offense under this section shall be required to permanently forfeit the animal or animals that were the subject of the offense (if living) and shall be prohibited from owning, possessing, or otherwise having contact with companion or domestic animals for a period of ten (10) years.

A person convicted of a Misdemeanor cruelty or neglect violation must, within seven (7) days of the conviction, register with his or her local law enforcement agency the following information:

  1. Legal name and any aliases used
  2. Date of birth
  3. Race
  4. Gender
  5. Home address
  6. Nature of the offense and date(s) of the offense

Here’s the link to the petition. Thank you for your time and consideration – God bless you!

Do you think there should be a national animal abuser registry?