“We seized drugs, firearms, and made multiple arrests,” police officer Jason Rigpa said. “This was a pretty impressive operation, and the dogs, we’re just glad that they are safe.”

Philadelphia police have arrested more than a dozen people in connection with a suspected dog fighting operation in Grays Ferry.

Authorities say they moved in around 9 p.m. Saturday in the 1200 block of South 35th Street and broke up a dog fight in progress.

Here’s the story from Lancaster Online:

Animal cruelty officers broke up a dog fight in progress this weekend in Philadelphia, rescuing four dogs and arresting 14 suspects at the scene.

The Humane Law Enforcement Team of the Pennsylvania SPCA, with assistance from Philadelphia police, interrupted the illegal fight on Saturday in the 1200 block of South 35th Street.

A search warrant was executed, during which officers recovered “drugs, two firearms, a large amount of cash and a wooden fighting ring with blood spatter” from the scene, according to a statement from the PSPCA.

Two pitbull-type dogs who were fighting when officers arrived were taken to a shelter hospital for immediate care.

Two additional dogs — one wearing a weighted collar consistent with dog fighting, and another that appeared ill — were recovered during a search of suspects’ vehicles on Sunday.

“Cases like this remind us that while we may not always hear about it, dog fighting is still happening in the city of Philadelphia,” Nicole Wilson, the PSPCA’s director of Humane Law Enforcement, said in a statement.

The so-called sport of dog fighting is nothing more than systematic animal abuse. The dogs are routinely starved and beat to make them more aggressive in the ring. Animals that do not perform as expected, or loose, are oftentimes killed inhumanely.

We believe, as does the PSPCA, that the best deterrent is a strong legal consequence for this crime.

If you have any information about dog fighting or animal abuse, please report it to the PSPCA cruelty hotline at 866-601-7722.

Tips can be left anonymously.

In Lancaster County, tips about animal cruelty also can be emailed to the district attorney’s office at [email protected].

What is an appropriate punishment for dog fighting?