“I really want to know what happened to my dog and they won’t answer my questions,” Danielle DiNapoli said. “I know that they’re trying to hide something. And now I’m getting these weird phone calls where I can just hear breathing on the other end.”

When Danielle Napoli dropped her dog Scruffles off at a local PetSmart to be groomed, everything seemed normal. The staff was friendly and the store looked warm and inviting. Dogs and their owners milled about, shopping for toys and treats.

But when she got a phone call 45 minutes later, her entire world changed.

It wasn’t the groomer from PetSmart, either. It was a employee from the Flemington Veterinary Hospital telling her that Scruffles was dead.

Here’s the story from People:

No PetSmart employees stayed behind at the vet to tell DiNapoli what happened, so she is fighting for answers.

Scruffles’ owner started a Facebook page to raise awareness about the incident and now there is a Care2 petition created by Kelsey Bourgeois, that has over 89,000 signatures so far, demanding answers. 

DiNapoli says her husband called PetSmart to learn more about what happened and was only told that the groomers involved followed the policies and procedures. The family was offered no other information and has been unable to contact the groomers involved. The DiNapolis say that PetSmart also refused to write a written report summarizing its investigation, so they have no details about what happened to Scruffles except that his condition worsened during the drying process.

“My friend is a dog groomer, and she says some salons, including her own, have policies not to use dryers on bulldogs because of their known health issues,” Bourgeois writes in the petition. “PetSmart should consider the same policy, especially after Scruffles’ death.”

She also added, “PetSmart [should] release all the information on what happened to Scruffles and change any policies that need to be changed to protect the pets in their care.”

This is one of several pet deaths that have been linked to PetSmart’s grooming care over the past several months. Footage of a PetSmart groomer roughly handling a dog during a session also surfaced online earlier this month.

All these young woman wants is an answer to her question: what happened to my dog? She’s not seeking financial compensation or even a refund, she just wants the truth.

Doesn’t she deserve that?