When Sarah’s husband left for boot camp, she knew it was going to be a tough time, but she wasn’t the only one who was going to be lonely for Bradly. Oshie, their three-year-old adorable Border Collie mix, was sad to see his best bud hit the road, too.

“Oshie is obsessed with my husband. When he went to boot camp, that was the first time they had been away from each other and that was three months long. When he was home for two or three weeks, Oshie did everything with us,” Sarah said.

Every time his dad left, Oshie knew that he would come back though.

“And when Bradly got stationed in California, Oshie was always there for me when I got lonely. He’d go everywhere with me and snuggle up in bed at night.”

Sarah discovered that Oshie was very good at being patient. He was used to waiting on his dad to come home, and he could wait on other stuff as well…

“Because we have this trust with each other, I would put a treat in front of him, and he wouldn’t touch it,” Sarah said. “Honestly, he learned the trick the first time we tried it. I decided I would make videos of Oshie and send them to my husband. I’d stack treats on his head, his feet, and it’s funny because it was harder for me to stack the treats than it would be for Oshie to wait. He’s just so concentrated and patient.”

“When my husband got stationed in Okinawa, Japan, the whole family relocated. And it’s been awesome. We go hiking and exploring the countryside together. If I leave the house, Oshie just assumes that he is getting to go.”

Ever since he was a puppy, Sarah and her husband took Oshie jogging and swimming and he’s been off the lease since he was eight months old. But they knew that they had to get him a playmate because he loved other dogs so much…

Once settled in Japan, the family adopted a female German Shepherd puppy named Nimbus — and now they are inseparable!

Sarah says that, “basically Oshie taught Nimbus everything she knows. He’s a great big brother!”

Well, we think that patient Oshie and nimble Nimbus are just perfect for each other. And we’re glad that the entire family is together and happy in Japan!

Have you ever had a family member in the service?

Is your pup as patient as Oshie is with his treats?