“Is it about saving animals and finding them good homes, or is about their convenience and making money? These people are freaking idiots,” a local resident said.

Did you just rescue a dog from appalling conditions, or maybe find a shaking and starving box of puppies? Well, it’s time to get out your wallet and make an appointment! Because you aren’t going to be able to access medical attention or rehoming services without either of those at an Ohio dog shelter.

Here’s the scoop per NBC4I:

From now on, anyone who wishes to surrender an animal to the Franklin County Dog Shelter, must do so with an appointment.

According to the Franklin County Dog Shelter, the new appointment policy is designed to improve the process of gaining more background information on the dogs coming into the shelter.

A spokesperson with the shelter says this is a common policy at other shelters across the country.

There will also be a $10 fee to surrender a dog under the new policy.

The new policy is scheduled to being this week.

If you want to surrender your dog, you can call 614-525-5581 to make an appointment or visit the Franklin County Dog Shelter’s website for more information.

You have to ask yourself, who made up these new policies? Have they ever been in charge of a dog shelter before? Because from where we are standing, money and convenience should be the last thing you are considering when you’ve got a dog that’s been rescued. By placing limitations such as these on prospective rescuers, you are going to make people think twice about picking up a dog and bringing it in.

If it’s inconvenient for the staff, that’s really too bad. What else are they doing except rescuing dogs up there? Filing their nails, checking their Facebook account, or maybe playing solitaire on the computer?

And as far as the ten dollars is concerned, it’s understandable that they would want to supplement their income. But wouldn’t it be a better idea to attach that ten dollar fee to the adoption process? The person looking to adopt is more likely to have an extra ten spot on hand anyway.

Is this place ridiculous or what?