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Working at a Hot Topic store means interacting with some unusual customers.

Opened in November of 1989 in Montclair, California, the retail chain is known for their rock t-shirts, licensed movie memorabilia, and counter culture wares. But for the guys and gals behind the counter, the store means creepy lurkers, gothic shoplifters, and a whole assortment of fringe loonies.

From a man claiming to be a dragon to awkward interactions with bronies, these Hot Topic horror stories make for a hilarious and interesting read.

“We would always say that someone should write a book,” said former Hot Topic employee Danielle Winters. “I was an assistant manager throughout my undergrad days and I have some great stories to tell. All of us do, really.”

In the following Reddit posts, Hot Topic employees share their experiences about working at a store that’s understood to be a refuge for teenage goth kids.

“Essentially, we attracted all the disaffected, maladjusted kids from the suburbs. Hot Topic is like this bizarre cosmic center of weirdness, it just draws in everyone who doesn’t feel at home at Abercrombie,” said Winters.

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But reader beware! Not all the tales from the Hot Topic crypt are as depressing or strange as you might think. Surprisingly, there are some funny anecdotes about the lax dress code and relatively non-judgmental nature of the staff.

So just remember if you’re looking for a part-time gig or a summer job, it’s not all bad at the HT (as it’s called by employees).

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Do the pros make up for the foul-smelling customers and demanding middle-aged mothers, though?

We’ll actually let you be the judge of that.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work at Hot Topic, these threads will give you a hilarious glimpse into that world.

So without further ado, let’s lace up our combat boots, grab some black hair dye, and snap on our dog collar necklace – we’re going to the HT…