TV reporters live glamorous lives and maybe we’ve envied them, just a little, when we’ve seen them reporting from a star-studded event and enjoying the limelight.

What many of us haven’t considered is that live-reporting his a dark side, too. Live means that you can’t redo a take or reshoot a scene. If things go wrong, the whole world is going to know it.

That’s what happens in these 20 hilarious live TV moments. Something just doesn’t go quite according to plan! In a few of these GIFs, we suspect the reporters lost their jobs. But for the ones that managed to stay employed, we imagine they were teased all the same.


Um… What Was That?!


While it’s not clear what this reporter was hiding underneath her skirt, we do know that it looks like, um… a marital aid. Her colleague, like the rest of us, wisely decided to ignore whatever the news anchor is concealing and get on with her work.

This is just another reason why the news staff sometimes becomes the actual news!

The Surprise Of Her Life

Facts Empire

We’re not sure what, exactly, was going on with this reporter, but whatever it was, it was clearly a huge surprise to find herself back on camera.

Maybe she didn’t get the message that the commercial break was over? It’s a wonderful expression on her surprised face, though.

Purple Ear Dildo Steals the Show

Image result for sexy news blooper gif


This is some very creative work by the guy who interrupts this reporter.

Seriously though, who happens to be walking around with a dildo and finds a news camera? Does this guy always have a dildo on him, just in case?

And up next we’ve got another unexpected phallus invading the airwaves…