Superheroes come in all shapes, sizes, colors and breeds! When a rescue dog named Yeti saw his best bud Fallon fall into a raging river, he jumped into action. The six-year-old kindergartner didn’t know how to swim yet, but luckily for him and his family, Yeti sure did.

As the Camp Verde Bugle reported, the one-year-old pit bull mix was happily enjoying the company of his family on an outing to Wet Beaver Creek over the weekend. That’s when his little pal Fallon Lennox slipped down a hill and fell into the water.

Fallon’s dad, Tommy, described how the newly adopted pup — they had only brought Yeti home three weeks prior — jumped into the river after the boy.

Here’s the story from our friends at People:

Fallon doesn’t know how to swim yet, and the little boy tumbled into a part of the creek that’s too deep for him to stand.

“It was too cold, they weren’t supposed to be swimming, and Fallon fell in the river and got swept down the river toward the little falls. All the adults were running to him and couldn’t get to him – the dog got to him and pushed him up to shore,” they boy’s dad told Camp Verde Bugle.

According to Mr. Lennox, Yeti not only ran after Fallon, the dog also used his body to block the rushing water and helped push the struggling child towards safety.

“The dog literally pushed him to the person that was closest… He’s Fallon’s best friend,” said Lennox, who fed the courageous pup Angus hamburger and a sausage for dinner as a thank you.

Indeed, the whole family is thanking their lucky stars that they decided to choose Yeti that day at the Humane Society. Currently 86 pounds, they were initially worried the pooch was too large. Now they know that the biggest part of their beloved dog is his mighty heart.

This is one of those stories that makes you stop what you’re doing and take a moment to reflect on the preciousness of human life and the joys of loving a dog. Let’s all spend the rest of our day in gratitude for the time that we have been given with our loved ones and our pets.

This is a wonderful day to be alive on planet Earth. God bless you!

Has your beloved pup ever done something heroic?

Or what about something just downright funny?