Most dog owners jump right into neutering/spaying their pets because it is the responsible thing to do.  It may seem torturous in our minds, but in reality, it can be more tortuous for a dog to be left intact.  The main reason we spay/neuter is to prevent overpopulation.

Veterinarians did a study that proved it may not be the best idea to neuter German Shepherds too early.  German Shepherds are known for having joint disorders because of their large bodies and skinny legs.  Problems often occur in their hips…

Veterinarians conducted a recent study that proved it may be a good idea to wait before neutering a German Shepherd.  Shepherds are known for having joint problems, especially in their hips…


Vets suggest waiting until the dog is at least one-year-old before neutering.  Waiting one year can decrease the chances of a Shepherd developing joint disorders including cranial cruciate ligament, CCL, or hip dysplasia…


When a dog is neutered, vital male hormones are stripped away.  These hormones play a key role in growing body processes and help close bone growth plates.  Next time, think twice before neutering too young!


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