One thing that aggravates dog owners and dog lovers alike is when people leave their dogs in a hot car while they shop.  When the windows are up or barely cracked, cars heat up in a hurry.  Have you ever hopped into your car after the beach and burned your leg on the leather seat?  Imagine all of that heat cooking a dog’s body.

In Roswell, GA, police officers received a call about two dogs trapped in a hot car.  Officer Lisa Holland said the dogs were “panting heavily” when she arrived at the scene…

When people noticed two dogs in the back of a car outside of the Home Depot in Roswell, GA, they called the cops.  The temperature outside of the car was 97 degrees!


When officer Lisa Holland arrived, she saw the dogs “panting heavily.”  Temperatures inside the car were an estimated 150 degrees!


The ASPCA says some dogs will die within minutes in a situation like this.  Watch the full video to see the conclusion next!


Watch the full video below!

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