Growing up, we had a yellow Lab named Blondie who would always sneak into my brother’s room and onto his bed.  She absolutely loved my brother.  She even figured out how to open the door – smart cookie of a dog.  The point is dogs like to do things they aren’t supposed to do from time to time, especially when they want to get into an extra cozy place.

The pit bull featured below was told specifically not to go on the bed, but the owner knew the mischievous pit bull was climbing on the bed when no one was home.  That’s what prompted the owner to set up a camera…

A mischievous pit bull was told not go on the bed by his owner.  The owner knew right when he left the house, the pit bull would jump up onto the bed…


That’s when he decided to set up a secret camera to prove to himself that the pit bull wasn’t obeying his command.  What the owner didn’t realize is how funny the video would turn out to be…


When you see what the pit bull does, you’re guaranteed to crack up.  The video has over 20 million views!  Enjoy!


Watch the full video below!

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