It’s extra hard for a stray dog to raise puppies on the street.  The little Shih Tzu featured in this video was abandoned in the streets of Los Angeles while she was going into labor!  She suffered from a terrible flea infestation and severely matted fur.

Luckily, rescuers found her before it was too late.  Her health problems made it challenging for her puppies to survive since she could easily pass the fleas onto them.  The Bill Foundation brought her to the vet…

Meet Attie the Shih Tzu, she was abandoned in the streets of Los Angeles after living a life full of neglect.  When she was abandoned, Attie was going into labor…


She suffered from a nasty flea infestation and matted fur.  Her puppies’ lives were in jeopardy because of Attie’s health problems that stemmed from neglect…


When the Bill Foundation found her, they knew they needed to quickly get her help at the vet.  Attie was traumatized after being separated from her pups, but watch her reaction when she sees them next!


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