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When a drunken guest of Mexican billionaire Alberto Baillères discovered Sinead McNamara hanging from a tangle of ropes off the stern of a $140 million super yacht, he “couldn’t believe his eyes.”

“I was literally in shock,” said Gael Bernal. “It was a little after two in the morning and we had all been drinking. She had ropes around her neck and arms, and was just hanging there off the side.”

But the gorgeous twenty-year-old Instagram model and crew member wasn’t dead.

“I started screaming that she was moving,” said Bernal, who ran to alert the other passengers and crew of the Mayan Queen IV. “Her leg gave a little kick. She was still alive.”

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Several of the mining magnate’s guests had disembarked earlier in the evening to enjoy some of the nightlife the Greek port of Argostoli is famous for. The few remaining passengers, roused from their cabins by the commotion, began to congregate on the stern.

The billionaire chairman of Grupo BAL had traveled ahead of his guests three days earlier, leaving a few close friends and the small crew docked on the island of Kefalonia.

According to reports, Captain Konstantinos Agne scrambled over the side of the yacht and into the warm waters of Mediterranean sea.

A crew member began frantically cutting the ropes binding McNamara’s neck, legs, and torso.

“When she dropped into Captain Agne’s arms below, she let out a little moan,” said passenger Laura Del Castillo. “I honestly wasn’t sure if she had accidentally gotten caught up in the ropes, or if it was intentional. It was bizarre, honestly.”

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Doctor Diego Cuarón, a passenger of the Mayan Queen IV and friend of Baillères, also found the circumstances strange.

“Someone came and woke me up,” said Dr. Cuarón. “By the time I got a look at her, she was already cut down and on the dock. She wasn’t in good shape.”

But that’s when the story gets even stranger…