Dogs never cease to amaze us with their strange habits.  Just like people, all dogs have unique personalities.  The dog featured in this video named Bruno is loved in the small town of Longville, Minnesota.  Every day for the past 12 years, Bruno has walked 4 miles into town to say hello to everyone.

Bruno was found by a man passing by the Lavallees’ home when he was only a puppy.  The man brought the puppy up to their home and asked it Bruno was their puppy.  He didn’t belong to them, however, Larry LaVallee couldn’t say no to Bruno’s adorable puppy dog face…

Meet Bruno, he was found as a stray when he was only a puppy.  The LaVallees family living in the small town of Longville, Minnesota decided to take him in.  They couldn’t deny Bruno’s cute puppy dog face…


Once Bruno grew up, he began walking into town every day.  Larry attempted to chain Bruno up and keep him contained in the yard, however, Bruno tried so hard to escape that he almost hurt himself…


Larry decided to let Bruno roam free and follow his heart.  He goes into town every day, but he always ends up back home at night.  Watch the full video next!


Watch the full video below!

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