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A little over two years ago, things began to change for Eric Yeiner Hincapié Ramírez.

Having recently lost his mother to a lengthy battle with liver cancer, the 22-year-old tattoo artist decided that life was too short to spend one more minute putting his dreams on hold.

“When my mom died, I realized that we really aren’t guaranteed tomorrow. Anyone can die at any minute,” said Eric. “I didn’t want to waste any more time playing by someone else’s rules. I was going to fulfill my dreams.”

Eric joined a gym, changed his diet, and began running in the mornings before work.

In only a couple of short months, he had lost over 25 pounds.

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“My clothes fit better and I actually started going out with more girls,” he said. “And then I gave up smoking cigarettes, which I had been wanting to do for a long time.”

Eric’s late mother, Sylvia Ramírez, had always encouraged her son to quit what she referred to as the “nastiest habit on God’s green Earth.”

“I know my mom would be proud of me,” the tattoo shop owner said.

But out of all of the items on his bucket list, Eric concedes that his mother wouldn’t care for the next one so much. In fact, he’s pretty sure the staunch Catholic would have hated it.

“I would never have done this while my mother was still alive,” Eric admitted. “She made me promise that I would never tattoo my face. This really goes above and beyond even that.”

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So in December of 2017, Eric began his journey of extreme body modification.

“Body modification is the deliberate altering of the human anatomy or physical appearance,” said anthropologist Dr. David Watson. “It’s often done for aesthetic reasons, sexual enhancement, or as a rite of passage.”

In it’s broadest definition, extreme body modification or EBM includes plastic surgery, socially acceptable decoration, and religious rites like circumcision.

But Eric, who has always loved comic books and fantasy films, had something truly unique in mind…