All dog lovers and owners want their dogs to live forever.  Sadly, dogs have much shorter lifespans than humans, although one dog is breaking the mold.  Charlie the dog’s owners adopted him when he was already 16-years-old.

His new owners thought Charlie wouldn’t live much longer, but Charlie surprised them.  Charlie’s former parents gave him up for adoption when they were about to have grandchildren.  Seems weird for a family not to want a long time friend to meet their grandchildren…anyway…

Meet Charlie, the 23-year-old dog who surprised everybody!  Charlie’s current owners adopted him when he was 16-years-old.  His former family didn’t want him anymore because they had grandchildren on the way…


Stuart Smith and his wife, Kim, are Charlie’s new owners.  Stuart said, “When we saw him we knew instantly he was the one for us.”  Charlie went from being sad to overjoyed after he met the Smiths…


Charlie lives with his dog siblings, Lucy and Zack.  Can you guess Stuart’s secret to keeping Charlie around so long?  Stuart said, “He is definitely a spoilt lad, and that’s probably why he’s managed to live so long. He loves his home comforts, snoozing in his bed and of course tasty treats.”  Charlie is one of the oldest living dogs in the UK.


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