There’s a longstanding belief that dogs and mailmen are mortal enemies.  Maybe, it’s because that’s the relationship many popular movies and cartoons have portrayed over the years.  Since the dawn of social media, things have changed.

There are plenty of videos floating around proving that mailmen and dogs can be great friends.  The friendship goes both ways, sometimes dog help mailmen and the other way around…

When a mailman makes his run through this particular neighborhood, he loves making a stop at Nemo the dog’s house.  Nemo makes his job a lot easier…


When he pulls up to the house, Nemo knows he is there.  Once Nemo alerts his owner, that’s when the owner lets Nemo out to fetch the mail right out of the mailman’s hand.  This is even better than a dog fetching the paper!


Their relationship doesn’t stop there though.  Watch what happens after Nemo brings the mail inside next!


Watch the full video below!

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