One man made a serendipitous discovery when going about his daily routine in Skidra, Greece.

While going on his regular jog, he found an abandoned white puppy in the fields.

According to the man, the fields were far from any nearby village and about 500 meters away from a busy street. Whoever abandoned this poor dog intended for him not to be found.

However, an angel was watching out for this sweet pup, and based on his gracious reaction, he was so happy to be found.

In his enthusiasm, the puppy excitedly bounces around, vigorously wagging his tail with excited cries. He also can’t get enough of belly rubs, which the filmer is more than happy to give.

Thankfully, this puppy got a happy ending. After finding him, the man decided to take him home and give him food and water. From there, he called a local animal rescue center to come and take care of the pup.

“Finally he is okay and the puppy has a home now,” he wrote in a caption alongside the video.”

Just look at his sweet face. Who could ever think to abandon this helpless animal? Especially when he has so much love to give?

But based on this little guy’s reaction, his trust in people didn’t waver in the slightest. Now that’s true unconditional love.