“He just looked angry, like he was looking for trouble. And when he walked over to the dog, he said ‘I’ve got you now,’ and that’s when he fired,” a witness said.

A North Liberty, Indiana, man has been arrested on multiple charges relating to the alleged shooting of a German shepherd named Major. Although Jon Hanley claimed that the dog was attacking him, a witness says that was not case and that the dog was friendly. Major is recovering at this time and doing well, but the dog’s owner, Viola Woods, is demanding answers.

Check it out from WDNU:

A North Liberty man will be in court Monday, accused of shooting a dog late last year. Jon Hanley faces three charges, including attempted killing of a domestic animal and criminal mischief.

Hanley, who was convicted of child molestation in 2012, told police the dog bit him, but witnesses said it looked like the dog was playing with Hanley.

Here’s more from ABC57:

The man charged with criminal recklessness for allegedly shooting a dog while it was less than two feet away from its owner, has now been charged with the killing of a domestic animal.

Jon Hanley shot Viola Woods’ German shepherd named Major on December 30th, 2017.

Woods was outside her home near the Working Persons Store in Lakeville when it happened.

Officials say Woods was picking up trash out of the road when Major got away from her and approached 53-year-old Jon Hanley.

Hanley told police the dog jumped on him and then bit him, according to the probable cause affidavit. However, multiple witnesses said that this was not the case and that the dog was “very friendly.”

Major then ran back to Woods and she reattached his leash.

Hanley retrieved a 9mm handgun from his vehicle, then walked within 10 yards of Woods and Major, and fired two shots, one which went between Major’s eyes. 

Hanley was charged with criminal recklessness for the risk of bodily injury to Viola Woods, as well as knowingly injuring a domestic animal without consent and criminal mischief.

Authorities state Hanley posted bond on Wednesday afternoon.

Major is recovering at this time.

It’s only by the grace of God that Major didn’t die immediately from his wounds. This sick and twisted man should be prosecuted to the full extent of Indiana law. If he’ll go out of his way to shoot a dog, then he’s likely to harm another animal or maybe even a person next time.

Let’s get these scum bags off the street and behind bars for good!

How much time should he get?