No one wants to think about all the dogs in the United States without a home.  Nearly 4 million dogs land a spot in the shelter each and every year!  It’s impossible for the shelters to house all of the dogs which leads to over 1 million euthanizations every year.  If everyone in the country was more aware of this problem, a lot of families would opt to adopt instead of buy a new puppy from a dog farm.

In an attempt to save dogs’ lives, The Humane Society of Utah is implementing a bright, new idea to help find shelter dogs a new home.  They are putting all the dogs in a photo booth to give the country a clear picture of all the beauty these dogs have to offer.  People from all over Utah are responding in a big way.  Adoption rates are on the rise!

This is only the beginning of a new wave.  The Humane Society is making its best effort to come up with an array of new ideas to increase public awareness.  It’s time for people to realize, shelter dogs deserve the same love as any other dog.  They usually come from dark pasts, yet they still have hearts full of love.

Please enjoy all the following photos of dogs up for adoption in Utah.  You’ll probably want to take a drive there after and pick up one of these beautiful pooches to bring home!


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