“My ex-husband is a first class sleaze bag. He’s half a man, a fourth of a father, and a hundred percent sack of s**t husband,” said Danielle Depee. “You can quote me on that, thank you very much.”

The former wife of an Oklahoma man is not mincing her words after she called the police on her ex-husband. Danielle Depee alleges that Jeffrey Don Edwards killed their teenage daughter’s two dogs to punish her for not doing the dishes.

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According to Depee, both of the couple’s children were traumatized by the incident.

“They are devastated and in shock that their dad would hurt them that way,” she said. “Both my kids never thought he would do what he did.”

Her former husband was charged on Wednesday.

Here’s more from ABC Action News:

Depee, who said she has been divorced from Edwards since 2007, said the couple’s 17-year-old daughter and 15-year-old son lived off-and-on with their father at his home in Harrah, about 22 miles (35.4 kilometers) east of Oklahoma City, and that the dogs lived there, too.

“My kids believe he deserves the punishment he gets,” Depee said. “They want nothing to do with their father.”

Edwards, 35, disputed the allegations when reached by The Associated Press.

“Pretty much everything you’ve heard is a complete lie,” Edwards said Thursday. He said he was at work at the time and declined to comment further.

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Edwards’ daughter told investigators her father got mad at her on Tuesday night because the house was messy and the dishes were dirty.

“It set him off. He went to screaming and yelling at the kids,” Depee said. “At one point he told them to get out of his house.”

DePee said her daughter called her late that night to pick her up and that when they returned Wednesday morning, the dogs were missing. She said a co-worker of Edwards’ who witnessed the incident told his daughter that Edwards had shot the dogs as discipline.

Court documents indicated the girl’s uncle was the person who told her about the incident.

Investigators said the dogs’ bodies were found about 100 yards from the residence.

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Who do you believe: Ms. Depee or Mr. Edwards?