“There have been five or six deaths already and numerous sightings. We have some suspicions about who it could be, but we are hoping the police figure this thing out pretty quickly,” said Christina Davidson. “There’s someone in our neighborhood that is systematically poisoning dogs. It has to be stopped.”

A homeowner in Illinois caught a man feeding what he believes were poisonous meatballs to his dogs. Shane Moore is not the only member of his community to be afraid, though: several other dogs in the neighborhood have already died from eating poison.

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“You just don’t have a cluster of four five six dogs all dying exactly the same way, and that’s what we were running into,” said neighbor Jim McCann.

One afternoon while Moore was working from home, he heard his dogs barking outside. When he went to investigate, he couldn’t believe what he saw…

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“They don’t normally bark when they are outside, so I went through my master bathroom, and I was going to yell at them to stop barking when I saw a guy crouched down by my fence,” said Moore.

When Moore walked out onto his deck, there was a man feeding his dogs a bowl of what he thought were meat scraps.

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“I’m old school — I grew up on a farm — so it wasn’t that unusual, but I was worried it might have bones in it, so I called my dogs back into the house and put them in the house,” said Moore.

When Moore went back outside to get the meatballs, he noticed something strange.

“The meatballs were rolled together with a bunch of blue crystals — literally hundreds of blue crystals — mixed in,” he said. “It looked like rat poison or de-icer or some type of that blue crystal.”

Moore called the police, and his wife took the dogs to the vet, where they found the dogs to have elevated kidney levels.

“I posted on my social media page about what I found, and suddenly people were coming out of the woodwork who had also seen animal poisoning all around my community,” said Moore.

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Moore and his neighbors are working with local law enforcement to make sure that the monster behind these poisonings is brought to justice. In the meantime, they’re keeping their dogs indoors and a close eye on their children.

Our prayers and well-wishes are with them at this time.

Why would someone want to poison a defenseless animal?