“This kid is dangerous. Do not approach him if you encounter him. Stop what you’re doing and immediately call 911,” a Long Island police spokesman said. “He is fugitive from the law and our priority is to get him into custody.”

A young man from Long Island is on the run from the law today and we need your help is apprehending him. Aaron Kluger is accused of savagly biting his parent’s dog, Chloe, and pulling out one of her eyes. He is currently at large in the community.

Pet Rescue Report has the details:

A Long Island, New York, man, accused of a gruesome attack on his parent’s dog, is wanted by the police. According to the Nassau County Police Department, 20-year-old Aaron Kluger has failed to report to court to face the charges stemming from injuries to his parents’ three-year-old Shih Tzu, Chloe.

Kluger is accused of biting the small dog, and pulling out one of her eyes. According to the New York Daily News, surgery was performed on Chloe and her eye was saved. Though prosecutors want to see Kluger punished, his parents have referred to the wound as a “minor injury” and maintain that Kluger was simply playing with the dog when something happened to her eye. A veterinarian confirmed that Chloe had been bitten by a “human.”

The Nassau County Police Department has asked that anyone with knowledge of Kluger’s whereabouts contact them. For emergencies, please dial 911. To submit crime tips and information, please call 1-800-244-TIPS.

Here’s more from the New York Daily News:

Three-year-old Chloe underwent emergency surgery to reattach her eye after the Nov. 6 attack, and Rogers said the veterinarian who treated her was hopeful the playful pooch will regain her sight.

“I hate to say I’ve seen it all, because every time I say it, I see something else,” said Rogers, who visited the dog over the weekend.

“They’re friendly dogs. They’re popular dogs. She was wagging her tail and licking me.”

Kluger, of Port Washington, was hit with a misdemeanor animal torture charge.

There are no other animals in the house.