Balance & Serving Realness?

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The influential blogger and content creator has more than 90,000 Instagram followers and that number is growing everyday.

“Morgan’s secret is that she’s relatable,” said internet celeb Alissa Violet. “She’s not afraid to let her guard down, cry, and express her real feelings. Morgan’s a Libra and they are all about balance and serving realness.”

The Dictates of Cultural Pressure

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Mikenas says that fighting the social pressure on women to remove their body hair is surprisingly difficult.

“Attitudes around women and how they should present their bodies — and the say that men have in that — are deeply entrenched,” Mikenas said in a monologue on her YouTube channel.

The self-confessed “fitness addict” has steadfastly defended every woman’s right to allow their biology to take hold, and let their hair grow freely.

‘The Soft Fuzz Underneath the Arms’

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“That includes arm hair, the soft fuzz underneath the arms, the legs, and the pubic and anal trench hair,” she said.

Um, okay.

And again, why is she doing this?