“Starting today, we are going to be knocking on doors all around the state,” said Game Warden Tracey Donovan. “We are going to be out in the community making sure that the law is followed to the letter. We have a mandate, that’s our job, and we’re going to do it. End of story.”

In the coming weeks, you may feel as though you’ve been transported back to another time and era. In the late 1930s, German citizens of all varieties were subject to random inspections. Secret police would appear at doorsteps, insistently knocking, and asking to see legal documents verifying German identity.

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And if the paperwork wasn’t right, you were liable to be imprisoned, forced into slave labor, and eventually killed. This wasn’t the fate of just a few, this was literally how millions of people suffered at the hands of a brutal dictatorship.

Thank goodness we live in a place and time where this sort of thing doesn’t happen anymore.

Well, as they say in the South, don’t count your chickens before they hatch…

You may be getting an unexpected visit starting Monday the 14th of May. Game wardens will knocking on doors, asking for proof that any canines in the house are properly licensed and vaccinated.

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According to law enforcement, door-to-door canvassing will be taking place for the entire duration of the Spring season.

While everyone understands that game wardens are law enforcement officials tasked with monitoring hunting activities, few know exactly what the job involves and the level of authority these law enforcement professionals have.

In most states, game wardens are given general law enforcement authority. In practice, that means game wardens can arrest individuals who violate federal, state, or local laws, regardless of whether the violation involves wildlife.

But did you know that game wardens, in many states, are allowed to inspect locations and vehicles suspected of wildlife violations with or without search warrants?

Yes, they have that much authority!

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And in addition to their standard duties, game wardens in some jurisdictions teach hunter education classes and sponsor other community programs intended to raise wildlife and habitat conservation awareness.

That’s all well and good you say… But when, exactly, will game wardens be knocking on doors in my area?