Fluffy and Her ‘Hero Suit’ of Ice-Encrusted Fur

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Not all heroes wear capes or form-fitting body armor. Some wear ice-encrusted fur!

Fluffy, an adorably resilient cat from Kalispell, Montana, recently survived a brush with the polar vortex after her owners found her covered in chunks of ice and snow.

The United States has experienced record low temperatures in recent weeks with some locations hitting -49 degrees Celsius. At least 21 deaths have been blamed on the frigid winter temperatures this season.

Even Niagara Falls Had Frozen Over

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To put these extraordinarily cold temperatures in perspective, Niagara Falls was completely frozen over last week after temperatures in Ontario, Canada, plunged to –18 degrees Celsius.

The sudden extreme temperatures are the result of a polar vortex – a weather phenomenon that occurs in the winter and impacts parts of the northern hemisphere.

So understandably, Katherine and James Perry were a “more than a little worried” when Fluffy, their six-year-old long-haired ragdoll, refused to come in on the evening of January the 30th.

Anything But a Winter Wonderland

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“Normally, her routine is to go outside and slink around the property line and do her business,” James told ABC affiliate KWYB in Montana.

The following morning, with the winter winds howling outside, the Perry family feared the worst.

“We didn’t know where she was,” said little Annabell Perry, who recently turned three. “And daddy said it was snowing outside.”

But as it turns out, Fluffy was all too close to home…