Wild animals are usually not known for being friendly to humans. In fact, many wild species should be avoided entirely by humans if possible. But some animals fight nature and enjoy a lifestyle alongside humans. One small elk has grabbed attention for her kind and loving attitude towards strangers. The now beloved community member is known for passing along hugs and kisses to everyone! Let’s learn more about animals so you can better understand Button’s story.

1. Animals are known for traveling in packs and living in small communities.

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2. Living in groups gives animals a chance to defend each other and protect the herd from outside predators.

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3. But when a member of that pack becomes lost, it’s forced to find new friends in nature.

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4. Folks in Kittitas County, Washington are no stranger to wildfires. These powerful blazes pop up several times a year depending on the weather and forest conditions. While local firefighters work hard to keep these fires contained, local wildlife are usually affected by the flames.


5. Following a particularly dangerous wildfire, locals began to notice a friendly and loveable elk around town.



6. That young elk blossomed into a social butterfly and loves making friends with both animals and humans.



7. Locals assumed the elk’s pack abandoned her, but firefighters learned more about the small creature one day…



8. The young elk was orphaned during a recent wildfire. As the locals began to get to know the sweet elk, they named her Buttons.



9. Locals say Buttons stays in the area and has become a beloved neighborhood mascot.

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10. Despite living alone and not in a pack, Buttons has adapted to loving and interacting with humans in this area.



11. Buttons has become a celebrity across Kittitas County.


12. Social media users looking for viral fandom are starting to get jealous that a cute elk is giving them a run for their money!

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13. It’s very rare for an elk to socialize with humans.

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14. This firefighter must have left an impression on Buttons, especially since she left him with a big, loving kiss!



15. Even though several elk herds pass through the area often, Buttons has decided to stick around.

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16. She’s passed up life in the pack to stay friends with locals.


17. And when it comes to sharing the love, Buttons doesn’t hold back.

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18. Everyone who greets the sweet elk gets a wet kiss and a sloppy hug.

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19. Buttons has become a lovable figure not only in Kittitas County but in all of Washington State.

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